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Turf Maintenance

You'll see that when it comes to maintaining your expensive sports turf investment, it pays to start by maintaining your soil. Strive to create a soil mix containing 10-20 percent Turface®.

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Tournament Preparation

Turface offers high quality products and key maintenance tips to help get your field in championship form to wow players and spectators alike.

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Infield Construction

Building an infield that will perform well for years to come begins with superior products.

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Infield Maintenance

For over 50 years, more groundskeepers have trusted Turface® for superior performance.

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Moisture Management

Often thought of as a product to eliminate rainouts, Turface® also helps address the issue of cracked, rock-hard infields seen during hot and dry summer weather.

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Mound & Plate

No two areas on the diamond receive more abuse than on the mound and around the plate. Building and maintaining them is critical to the safety of players and the performance on the field.

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