Turface® is simply the #1 conditioner on America’s most playable fields. For over 50 years, this trusted brand has allowed more athletes to perform at their very best – through wet springs and dry summers – than any other conditioner. Its superior calcined clay particles are the preferred choice in the “bigs” as well as the “littles.”

With the addition of the SAF product line, Turface provides wall-to-wall field maintenance along with the ultimate products for field construction and renovation.

Whether you’re renovating an infield, building a batter’s box, improving native sports turf or simply saving the game from a spring rain, Turface has the products to Keep America Playing.

For information on SAF conditioners (516, 816, or Sure Dry) and additional products,

Product Categories

Field Accessories

White line chalk and warning track aggregates are now in the Turface lineup.

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Infield Mixes

Turface adds the #1 line of infield mixes to complement the Turface lineup of products.

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Mound & Box Packing Clays

Build and repair pitcher’s mounds, batter’s boxes and catcher’s boxes with top-quality packing clays from Turface.

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