Mound Clay

Build Your Mound and Plate Right

PMC Red and All-Purpose Mound ClayNo two areas of the diamond receive more abuse and constant wear than the pitcher’s mound and batter’s/catcher’s boxes. Make sure they are built and properly maintained with Turface® Professional Mound Clay®, MarMound All-Purpose Clay® and 5-Star™ Packing Clay.

Professional Mound Clay is finely engineered to the highest specifications:

  • 100%, high-density pure virgin clay delivers long-lasting performance
  • Shredded material is ideal for shaping mounds
  • Pliable construction makes it easy to mold into just the right form
  • Red is durable and possesses a high level of plasticity; molds together easily
  • Gumbo Gray possesses a high level of tackiness; enhances its bonding strength

MarMound All-Purpose Clay outperforms other products in its class:

  • Sand/clay mixture is an affordable, easy-to-use alternative packing clay
  • Excellent additive to soft, sandy areas of the infield to firm them up for safer footing and consistent ball hops

5-Star™ Packing Clay delivers performance and value:

  • High density – red clay material with a high silt and clay content for strong bonding during installation
  • Ready to use – just open the bag, pour, and pack
  • Durable – stands up to high levels of on going wear, even with larger athletes
  • Versatile – used at all levels of play and from coast to coast
  • Available in bulk truckloads; 50-lb. bags or 2,000-lb. super sacks

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Check out this two-minute time lapse of a mound construction – they make it look so easy!

Choose the solution that works best for your performance needs and budget:

Professional Mound Clay

MarMound All-Purpose Clay 5-Star™ Packing Clay

A premier, 100% virgin clay featuring high density for superior durability and unmatched wear resistance; also offers easy pliability and shaping on mounds or around home plate. 

  • Preferred by professional and college teams
  • Available as a shredded clay or in pre-formed blocks
  • Easy installation – ready right out of the bag 
  • High level of durability in a range of climates, to reduce wear across a variety of fields 

An affordable sand/clay mixture for mound and plate construction and repair, or to amend sandy infields. Requires lower maintenance than high-clay products for easier management.

  • Helps maintain moisture and firm up soft, sandy areas for safe footing and consistent play
  • Easy to use material for fast installation and smooth shaping
  • Saves time and reduces the amount of field care needed
  • Outperforms other clays in its class 
  • Great for multi-plexes – holds up over a series of games and fields

A reliable, high-density mound and plate clay that’s easy to install and maintain – at a competitive price. 

  • Clay-silt mixture bonds firmly and quickly to help streamline installation
  • Highly durable for long-lasting performance and wear resistance 
  • A good fit across different geographies and climates, and suitable for all levels of play