How Much Turface Do I Need?

Typical Infield Mixes

With most infield mixes, the recommendation for Turface® incorporation is about one ton (roughly 40 bags) of product per 1,000 square feet of skinned area. This results in approximately 10 tons of Turface for a high school, college or professional field with 90 foot baselines and grass infield.

The product can be effectively incorporated into the top four inches of the infield mix using a rototiller. After rototilling one ton of Turface per 1,000 square feet into the top 4 inches of infield soil, the infield mix will contain approximately 15% Turface by volume.

A good infield mix consists of a minimum of about 65 percent sand to a maximum of 75 percent sand with an even ratio between silt and clay. Turface helps to provide moisture-holding and firmness in mixes that have higher sand content; and helps to pull moisture away from the infield mix to prevent rainouts in fields with higher clay content. 

It is recommended that you conduct a soil test prior to amending your field so that you can understand the breakdown between sand, silt, and clay in your existing infield mixture. A higher clay content, for example, requires a higher level of Turface incorporation to effectively manage moisture.

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