How to Eliminate Low Spots in your Turf

  1. If you have low spots in the outfield on native soil fields, topdress with native soil amended with 20 percent Turface®.
  2. Each time you topdress, add a ¼ inch of material to slowly raise the low spot to match the other parts of the field and eliminate the problem. Too much topdressing at one time can smother the turf.
  3. If the depression is deep, or you need an immediate fix, remove the sod and bring in soil that matches the existing soil. Amend this new soil with 20 percent Turface conditioner to help reduce compaction.
  4. Break up the existing soil and add the new soil mix making sure to blend it into the existing soil.
  5. Tamp the soil firm and replace the sod over the newly amended area.