How To Build a Nail Drag

A nail drag is the ideal tool for maintaining a smooth and consistent infield surface–making your field play like the pro's. Use the following components to build your nail drag:

  • Build with 2"x4" boards
  • Pre-drill straight holes for nails
  • Use 40 penny nails
  • Use 1"x4" to cover 2"x4" on top to hold in nails
  • Use eye bolts and a chain for fulling. Put eye bolts in the face so the drag can be flipped over and used as a float.
  • Stagger nails 1" apart and have 2 rows in each board

Top View

Bottom View

Remember, a nail drag loosens and remixes an infield and a mat drag will firm a field up slightly while creating a nice appearance. Use the appropriate drag for your needs.


Watch this video on how to apply infield conditioners.

 How to Build a Nail Drag - Download PDF