See the Top Three Maintenance Tips from our Facebook Turface® Challenge Winners

April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 - See the top three maintenance tips from our Facebook Turface® Challenge Winners. These field maintenance professionals and non-professionals offered their top tips for using Turface.

“We keep Turface on hand and use it in wet conditions on our soccer game field. We spread it in the goal mouth areas, corner kick areas, and the player bench area before games if conditions require. We had a wet fall and this practice helped these areas from serious damage, especially late in the season.” —Ron Lavoie

“We used Turface to help keep our infield grass dry. We aerated the grass and  picked up the plugs. Then mixed Turface, fertilizer, and seed to mix into the grass. Our drainage on the infield grass has improved tremendously.” —Mark Cummins

“The biggest tip I have learned is preparing our fields right before a rain using Turface MVP. We've found a lot of success with spreading 1/8"-1/4" of new Turface MVP across the infield and roll and pack that with a heavy roller prior to the rain. After the rain, the MVP is in place and with a light nail drag or rake, the Turface and field responds tremendously and the likelihood of playing is dramatically increased. The key for us has been packing that very top layer.”  —Andy Ommen