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Resource Designed to Withstand the Rain
Industry Articles

The Foley Sports Tourism Complex stays playable with a sand cap utilizing Profile Porous Ceramic Greens Grade.

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Resource Chicago Bears Training Facilities Case Study
Case Studies

This Chicago Bears' facilities case study shows how Turface MVP helps turf stand up to rigorous football practice.

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Resource Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ – Home Lawn Case Study
Case Studies

Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ Turns Home Dirt to Home Turf

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Resource Get Your Field Tournament Ready
Industry Articles

Turface has what you need to wow players and spectators by getting your field in top-playing, tournament condition

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Industry Solution Turf Maintenance

You'll see that when it comes to maintaining your expensive sports turf investment, it pays to start by maintaining your soil. Strive to create a soil mix containing 10-20 percent Turface®.

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Resource Maintaining Sports Turf Playability

Learn how to maintain your sports turf and speed recovery between games.

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Resource CoverGrow™ Dry Application Demonstration

Better absorption, better dispersion, better results.

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Resource Field & Fairway Specification Sheet
Spec Sheet

Download the Specification Sheet for Field & Fairway.

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Resource CoverGrow SDS

The Safety Data Sheet for CoverGrow.

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Resource Greens Grade Natural Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet for Greens Grade Natural.

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